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I had an interesting conversation today with an analyst that was trying to understand how tools like Movable Type and blogging fit into the general category of content management.  When I was at Vignette, we had seen the content management space splitting into web content management (WCM), document management and enterprise content management (ECM), and collaborative intranet portals.  Although Vignette, through various acquisitions, had strong products in each of those categories, it was hard to see the relationship between how content managed in the WCM and ECM worlds related to the more ad-hoc collaborative content that was created and interacted with on a daily basis within the increasingly-popular intranets and corporate portals.  Companies were increasingly choosing corporate portals such as Epicentric, Plumtree, and Microsoft’s incredibly successful SharePoint product, which offered “lightweight” content management in conjunction with strong collaboration capabilities over the more powerful, large-scale content management systems.  For Internet publishing, the same thing was occurring in the web content management space as well, but it was happening under the radar screen of most of the WCM vendors in the form of the emergence of blogging.  The reason why it wasn’t immediately understood was because WCM vendors have historically been driven by the needs of the large media publishers, and as we all know, those publishers had no idea just how much the principals of blogging would transform their businesses at the time.

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I’ve joined Six Apart

Ed Anuff —  August 11, 2008 — Leave a comment

It’s been just under a month since I joined Six Apart as the EVP of Movable Type and Six Apart Services, and I’m sorry to say I’m just getting around to blogging about it.  It’s always a tug of ware between the clichés of “eating your own dog food” and “the cobbler’s kids going barefoot”.  I’m not going to get too much into what the company is up to just yet, other than to say we’ve got a lot of good stuff that will be coming out very soon now.  As for as the job itself, I’m enjoying it quite a bit.  The company has a great culture and great people, and it’s refreshing to be at an Internet company that’s revenue focused.  I really like the markets the company serves, and there are a lot of things I see that make me confident that the space is going to enter a new phase of growth as the changes brought about by blogging start to permeate and reshape the rest of the media industry.  I’ll share more thoughts about that here over time.

Twitter and Facebook actions are now displayed on the right hand side of the page via the Action Streams plug-in.  Very cool!

Latest release candidate installed, so far so good…