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@jackshafer I'm as surprised as you are

@jah @tedr @ryanchris @anil Friday Suck XOXO session was brilliant but if you couldn't grok Saturday panel, no chance of understanding it

@anildash @tedr yup, the panel picked up right where they'd left off, no "Previously on Suck" montage

@stratechery I think you might be giving the right answer to the wrong question.

Very high likelihood that unless you've got a new audio system, you're not getting 5.1. Playbars and the like probably won't work.

I wonder if being able to say "I told you so" brings any comfort to the Surface team.

This is feeling like an SNL parody

Ok, that Smart Keyboard is just shameless

This looks like the start of the end of the Mac

Time for Mr Robot finale aka "Tyler Durden hacks the Gibson"