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@mginnard you mean IoT doesn't let you do that?

@carloseberhardt hopefully! right now, I can mainly use it to dramatically advance to the next Powerpoint slide

ZDNet Interview – Unraveling the confusion about PaaS

@Jldb haha, yes, but it was < 1 when this saga started

@Jldb I reset the network settings, all is good again but shouldn't need to do that

@Jldb yeah, platform lock-in FTW. although seeing the Speedtest results dropped fair bit since yesterday, so still oddness

@Jldb solved problem by exchanging router for an Airport Extreme (yay, Best Buy Geek Squad service plan).

@Jldb make sure cellular data is off and try Speedtest. YMMV but mine crawls

@Jldb support forums are starting to see posts on the issue

@Jldb yes, but also very poor or no performance once connected. Only on iPhone 6, my iPad and iPhone 5 are fine

Looks like there is definitely an issue with new iPhones on Wifi. Yay #NewAppleProductBlues

@ramiyer very soon now, within the next 30 days is the plan. It's all up on Github right now.

@ramiyer it is, the ES index shards are stored in C*

@ramiyer Usergrid 2.0 uses Elastic Search for the indexing. @usergrid