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Has Cassandra actually been tested on latest OpenJDK and found not to work?

Cool! Google Cardboard VR toolkit DODOcase @DODOsays

@craignewmark where do I report a fraudulent listing?

@eniton yes, but very easy for JS to call back to native now with the new API, no need for return value to be synchronous

@eniton well, I don't know about that, the _runJavaScriptInMainFrame method is there, it's just undocumented

@eniton interesting, they vastly improved JS calling to native but removed native calling back to JS

@swampbits doubt it, it's just one more option and a restrictive one at that

@timburks I'm intrigued by where you're going with this, please elaborate

@peteryared I'd guess Swift lowers cost of iOS dev by maybe 30% but viable high-perf hybrid for JS devs lowers cost by order of magnitude

Most significant APIs of WWDC are in WKWebView. Hybrid apps will become a lot better.