Archives For May 2014

.@whitlockjc open sources Lembos Node.js MapReduce runtime at #gluecon

A Design-First Approach to Building APIs with Swagger

Swagger 2.0 Working Group announced by @Reverb and @Apigee

Watching @fehguy demoing the cool Swagger YAML editor at #gluecon

@cowtowncoder the real question is whether they used the only good one

At this point, arriving at @gluecon seems iffy. Plane had to put down in Colorado Springs due to tornado at Denver airport

MarketWatch – Gogo Partners With Apigee

On my way to @MakerFaire via Caltrain. Spent more time finding parking last year than I did at the faire itself.

Give me a break, useless @FoundersCard charging me again after I'd requested they cancel it last year #refundplease

Forrester's @TedSchadler really banging the drum on "mobile moments" #FORRforum

@zznate I read Hacker News so you don't have to :)