Archives For June 2013

@daveaiello no mods, just figuring out side-loading apps, it's great for emulators, if you're not into those, probably not worth it yet

finally got my Ouya set up with MAME4Droid, playing Pengo makes it all worthwhile

@whitlockjc good point, it raises the question of whether MAME in the year 2030 will let you play vintage Farmville

@apidays2013 @Apigee I think that's 10:55am (or at least I hope so)

I assume all the Google Reader replacements have considered what will happen if Google changes its mind at the last minute

@ronmartinez Cassandra Summit@Fort Mason, normally not my part of town, also forget @#$! 4Square app was crossposting to Twitter

I'm at Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers (San Francisco, CA)

I'm at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) (San Francisco, CA) w/ 352 others