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@djchall @capndesign @djacobs @anildash @jkottke @sippey @aa or maybe if you could watch the entire series with Kate edited out?

@djacobs @anildash @jkottke @capndesign @sippey @aa best answer "wow, they all died when the bomb went off???" "Yes!"

@capndesign @djacobs @sippey @aa I was just wondering how many years till someone publishes a graphic novel sequel with the "real" ending

Sometimes I feel like a time traveler who forgot to pack lunch and left my wallet at home

@alanQuatermain Me too! Same experience including error message after team selection. Looks like it went through now though.

@davewiner @anildash @nickoneill @ginatrapani that's know as the Troll Paradox and will disable the first AI that follows Anil's tweets

Catching up on last week's #doctorwho, love the Ultravox reference

@gwestr I think the word you're looking for is "inevitable"

Stand by the river long enough...

@aaronmorton Just arrived in Madrid

Just arrived in London, waiting for my connecting flight. Coincidentally, it's my birthday.

Good theory by @thurrott about Office on iPad

How Wired Magazine Changed the Way We Talk About Technology, @agaricus should do new edition of his Wired book