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"I can't tell the future, I just work there" #doctorwho

@tomcoates I got the intro $100 free offer so I put it to work rather than let it go to waste. Have no need for it otherwise.

"should we tell them what we're working on?" "No, think Ozymandias at the end of Watchmen, it will be much more fun"

This week's Caltrain experiences are going to get me to start driving to work again

I have to say that @AdventureTimeCN does post-apocalyptic tragedy even better than @WalkingDead_AMC

@cfaurelio @mginnard thanks, glad you you liked it!

@byamabe I haven't tried AppCode yet but know lots of IntelliJ fans. XCode can use some competition, so going to try it.

@mginnard Thanks Matt! Trying to get into a rhythm but don't want to jinx it

@mginnard Not me, but sounds like fun

@byamabe interesting, since I like Eclipse, and people I respect say @jetbrains is the anti-Eclipse, but your point is generally valid

One of the challenges of building a strong product management team is that most people don’t really know what a product manager is supposed to do. Typically, the responsibilities ascribed to the product manager are actually product marketing or program management. In some organizations, these might need to be part of the product manager job description, and they can be important aspects of the role.

In my experience, the most critical responsibility of product management is the application of the Pareto Principle to the influx of requirements that flood the product planning process. The Pareto Principle, also know as the 80/20 rule or the identification of the vital few and trivial many, is a simple heuristic that we tend to apply every day except when it comes to figuring out what to build and what not to build. What happens if this isn’t done correctly? Lots of very bad things…

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@mjasay @sogrady I'll have to get that book

@Benelson83 that's an awesome idea, you should bring it to the US!

@aaronmorton gotten used to you hanging out in the @Apigee offices! Come back soon!

Congrats to @pricew for 5 years at w̶i̶d̶g̶e̶t̶b̶o̶x̶ @flite :)