Archives For February 2013

Where the heck did I put my Eagle license?

OH "think of it as a big RAID drive striped across the continent"

@owenthomas @jason_pontin @aa pretty sure Carl's still at TCHO, no truth to the rumor his job is to haul kids out of the chocolate river

@RWW @BoxHQ @levie Tired of this stuff, applications vs infrastructure, Box "applified" the filesystem, apps never just IT, always users too

Jimmy Iovine's new music curation service sounds a lot like what @JoeyAnuff wanted to do with CriticalMetrics

I'm sad to say I wasn't even a Metric fan at the time @sippey @djchall @djacobs

@zznate @edwardcapriolo awesome!!! most promising new thing in the #cassandra world

Wow, $100 in free Twitter ads, this should be fun...