Archives For January 2013

That Github won is an indication that there is yet hope

This is actually almost approaching the level of a typical Web 1.0 Thursday evening

@sramji I love it when a plan comes together

@nickoneill a club to beat the BaaS providers who aren't running Usergrid with

Let a thousand BaaS providers bloom

KT launches, mobile BaaS powered by @apigee Usergrid. (in Korean, use Google Translate)

Wasn't it Napoleon who said you can't become an enterprise software company merely by wishing it?

J.J. Abrams doing Star Wars? I'm hoping for a reboot, time travel, and ideally Spock, Walter Bishop, and/or the Dharma Initiative

I choose to believe that was an intentional #Torchwood Captain Jack Harkness guest appearance in Zero Dark Thirty

How do you know which #Caltrain times are the newer trains? Is it just the all-stops trains?

Apache Delivers Cassandra 1.2 NoSQL Database