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Death Grip

Ed Anuff —  July 18, 2010 — Leave a comment

Should I return it and get a new one or just use the bumper?  Still need to install iOS 4.1…

One of the common issues of dealing with the Apache Cassandra database is how to do secondary indexes of columns within a row. This post will discuss one technique, far from the only one, for
how to manage this. One thing that experienced Cassandra users will hopefully find interesting is that SuperColumns will not be used at all to accomplish this in order to
avoid the complexity and limitations they introduce. Also, it should also be pointed out that Cassandra will have native secondary index support in the upcoming 0.7 release (see CASSANDRA-749), which will make this all much simpler, but the idea is still valid for how to think about about this sort of thing, and will still be applicable in some situations. Once that version gets closer to release, I’ll do a follow up post looking at it.

So, to start, let’s assume a scenario where we have a container (ex. a group) of items (ex. users in the group), each of which has an arbitrary set of properties, which
are searchable by value in the context of the container. Items might also be members of other containers, but we won’t explicitly deal with that in this

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