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RT @Malaka_Sylar: @usergrid @rockerston @snoopdave @toddnine @edanuff @zznate @geekbeast happy new year Usergridsters!

@zznate I read Hacker News so you don’t have to 🙂

RT @zznate: Awesome website for #usergrid now up: (thanks @timanglade!!) #cassandra

RT @wesleyhales: .@zznate giving #OSCON devs the lowdown on vert.x

@zznate that would have been my guess, but I can’t imagine that CVBS output of the Lisa would look at all good on an external monitor

.@zznate @edanuff the beige is a partial giveaway, but the composite video out throws me

RT @zznate: Just dropped push notification in #usergrid take a look:…

RT @zznate: OH: “We never call it data. You guys do because you are marginalizing it.”

@zznate talking @Apigee Usergrid at #sxsw

@zznate @edwardcapriolo awesome!!! most promising new thing in the #cassandra world

RT @zznate: Write up on Intravert (if #vertx and #cassandra had a little baby) by @edwardcapriolo…

RT @zznate: Good write up on our mobile analytics platform SDK (free as in beer):… #mobiledev

RT @zznate: OH: “Just to walk back the offer of the magic pony… we stick with the original plan.” #prioritization_win