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@jhaynie @whitlockjc @Apigee Yup, it was the first day for all the @Apigee folks at @google today

RT @whitlockjc: . @jishbowen talking about how we’ve addressed #Kubernetes multi-tenancy at @Apigee. #KubeCon

RT @prabhatjha: Join @theganyo @whitlockjc and I on a hands-on workshop about design-first API development using #nodejs and #swagger

RT @whitlockjc: Get ready for Twitter to become completely useless as people live tweet WWDC as if they are the only ones watching it.

RT @whitlockjc: Here are my “Building APIs with #Node.js and @SwaggerApi” slides from #Gluecon:…

Excited to see @whitlockjc presenting Apigee API Studio and @SwaggerApi @nodejs open source at #gluecon

@whitlockjc if it turns out worse than that trip, I think you’ll find out about it from CNN

RT @metadaddy: Very cool! @whitlockjc just flipped the switch to open source in his #gluecon session. MapReduce job…

.@whitlockjc open sources Lembos Node.js MapReduce runtime at #gluecon

@whitlockjc what a coincidence, I’m also trying to find a way to use it on your team

@whitlockjc good point, it raises the question of whether MAME in the year 2030 will let you play vintage Farmville