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RT @usergrid: Looking for an open source alternative to @ParseIt which has push notifications built in? Check out Apache Usergrid

Super excited to see @usergrid become a full Apache project. Very proud of the work done by the team #MostScalableBaaS

RT @usergrid: yay! Apache Usergrid graduation vote is underway…

RT @Malaka_Sylar: @usergrid @rockerston @snoopdave @toddnine @edanuff @zznate @geekbeast happy new year Usergridsters!

@ramiyer Usergrid 2.0 uses Elastic Search for the indexing. @usergrid

RT @enachb: “@usergrid: Nice writeup on Usergrid and BaaS:” Killer product. Don’t think CQL allows you skip this la…

RT @weavinator: Just discovered @usergrid, looks cool. Thanks @hectorMcSpector #CassandraSummit

RT @hectorMcSpector: @usergrid good job. Not been easy but we got there. Sick and tired looking at frigging license headers 🙂

RT @usergrid: Apache Usergrid 1.0 (incubating) has been released! Take it for a spin and then join us in making it even better…

RT @Jldb: Congratulations on your graduation, @usergrid! Well done @edanuff and team!

RT @magicaltrout: Loving @usergrid already. Full RESTful user authentication, password management, and sign up in 50 lines of code

RT @Malaka_Sylar: Look at that @usergrid graph on Jira go green 🙂 Feels great to be a part of that.

RT @usergrid: Excellent post on getting started with Usergrid from @Malaka_Sylar… Great work!!

Great talk by @snoopdave at #ApacheCon on how to contribute to Apache @usergrid

RT @Malaka_Sylar: Did a pull request for a bug fix to @usergrid … waiting to see how it goes ! 🙂 more contributions on the way !