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5 yrs ago @ChetKapoor, @sramji, @jhingran, @gbrail convinced me to join @Apigee. Now we’re all @google…

RT @sramji: This Cloud Foundry on GCP thing is real.…

RT @sramji: “Why Amazon Can’t Be The Only Cloud Winner” – my rude Q&A on public vs private cloud with many thanks to @mjasay…

@sramji @monkchips @duncanjw we definitely need a do-over on that dinner, sorry about that 😏

@allingeek @sramji very nice! OTOH, Apache Usergrid w/4+ years as OSS project and being at Apache is nice too. Try both, yay choices!

.@sramji Wouldn’t it be great if there was an OSS alternative to Parse? Apache Usergrid

RT @sramji: Continuous Innovation + Digital Platforms – my strategy keynote from #iloveapis @Apigee h/t @InfoEcon @rgmcgrath

RT @sramji: Middleware is a dangerous profession.

RT @sramji: For the latest update on container standardization (appc + OCI) you should read: by @BrandonPhilips

RT @Apigee: Tomorrow: new webcast 10am PT- Using #PaaS to run #APIs & Microservices in Production @sramji @cloudfoundry@edanuff

@sramji @earth2marsh #or_am_i?

RT @sramji: @edanuff @earth2marsh #trolling

RT @sramji: Apigee logo in Times Square today for the IPO #apiallthethings

@theRoUS @sramji @rbowen @DemonArchives That’s the one

RT @sramji: I am thrilled to say I am now the head of Cloud Foundry Foundation. Thanks to my friends and mentors who led me here.