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@olensmar @SwaggerApi @lindybrandon @webron @fehguy @earth2marsh @tedepstein Thanks Ole, great to see the community coming together!

RT @olensmar: Great discussion on @SwaggerApi governance with @lindybrandon @webron @fehguy @earth2marsh @edanuff @tedepstein and more – th…

RT @fehguy: we were going to call 2.0 “swagger plus” but didn’t want to mess up any other product announcements #iloveapis…

RT @earth2marsh: “My company should be writing f#$%ing business logic not plumbing.” @fehguy #apicraftsf

Great panel at #apicraftsf @fehguy @kinlane @usarid @jakubnesetril @manp

RT @jlouvel: @fehguy announces the brand new #Swagger Editor: Auto-convert YAML into Swagger UI, generates code #gluecon

RT @fehguy: #swagger working group is official!…

RT @fehguy: The success of #swagger is from our community and being open and honest. The swagger working group will continue this! #gluecon

Watching @fehguy demoing the cool Swagger YAML editor at #gluecon

RT @fehguy: @edanuff advocating the developer. Client SDKs complete your #api! #apidayssf