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Congrats to friend and fellow @RPIAlumni @daveaiello on his successful @RinkAtlas Hockey app on @kickstarter

From @daveaiello RinkAtlas: Useful Info About North American Hockey Arenas, via @kickstarter…

.@daveaiello @iloveapis “what’s too bleeding edge for the Enterprise” could have said Docker, but the Genesis Device tops that

@daveaiello nice, but what if he’s using a graph db?

RT @daveaiello: This is a huge new feature of the @Apigee platform,…. Hope to get to work with it some day soon. @iloveapis@edanuff

@daveaiello @Apigee We missed you there, but thanks!

@daveaiello did you find that out the hard way?

@daveaiello seems plausible

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@daveaiello seems plausible

@daveaiello don’t suppose you have an extra battery pack for it? Mine died long ago

@daveaiello no idea, I was going to look into that next. I powered it up and everything was as I’d left it 20 years ago

RT @daveaiello: Listening to @edanuff and @brianpagano present “Why APIs Are Different Than Integration”,…. Great so@Apigee

@daveaiello no mods, just figuring out side-loading apps, it’s great for emulators, if you’re not into those, probably not worth it yet

RT @daveaiello: I got a great introduction to @Apigee and #usergrid today from @timanglade. I got a good refresher on #phonegap and #jQuery