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@anildash @tedr yup, the panel picked up right where they’d left off, no “Previously on Suck” montage

RT @anildash: Fantastic @ade_oshineye summary of a smart modern web theory; native apps are just domain-specific user agents:…

@anildash @waxpancake @Mike_FTW oh, we do know, we truly do…

@djchall @capndesign @djacobs @anildash @jkottke @sippey @aa or maybe if you could watch the entire series with Kate edited out?

@djacobs @anildash @jkottke @capndesign @sippey @aa best answer “wow, they all died when the bomb went off???” “Yes!”

@davewiner @anildash @nickoneill @ginatrapani that’s know as the Troll Paradox and will disable the first AI that follows Anil’s tweets

@anildash @nickoneill @ginatrapani Anil, you are totally trolling

@djacobs @anildash @marissamayer It seems obvious in hindsight

@djchall @anildash @sippey @djacobs we should be so lucky

@anildash @bradchoate I blame the ring lobbyists