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RT @suckstersdotcom: “SUCK ISN’T REAL, in fact. Suck never existed” @guydeboredom @edanuff @bigtimcavanaugh @anamariecox@hhavrilesky

RT @anamariecox: And when not pleasant, interesting! The best one can hope for, really. @bigtimcavanaugh @guydeboredom @hhavrilesky @edanuff@JoeyAnuff

RT @bigtimcavanaugh: Seeing @guydeboredom @hhavrilesky @anamariecox @edanuff & @JoeyAnuff 4 1st time in yrs was…pleasant? Yes pleasant!…

RT @anamariecox: “Come on, Carl, you’re jealous! This is what you Tweet on a regular basis!” #xoxo

RT @anamariecox: Joey: “You know what? [Suck] wasn’t like Spy! Fuck Spy! You know what Spy wrote about? Donald Trump! And look how that wor#xoxo

that never gets old @anamariecox @fluorescentinca @owenthomas @JoeyAnuff