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That was fun! Just finished my presentation to a great audience at #renio @Apigee @usergrid

RT @timburks: Great #renio slides (1 of 2) from @edanuff

RT @timburks: Great #renio slides (2 of 2) from @edanuff

RT @pchap10k: The Internet Development Adoptoon Lifecycle via @edanuff at #renio

RT @chiah: What worked to get developers to use UserGrid: hands on workshops! @edanuff #renio

RT @timburks: “Developers are the toughest customers” @edanuff #renio Amen! 🙂

RT @Apigee: For IOS dev headed to #renio in SF next week -use code
“apigee” for $100 off reg. See @edanuff and other great talks

RT @renaissanceio: At #renio ’14: @edanuff built the 1st open source mobile BaaS, now an Apache-incubated project…