@allingeek @sramji very nice! OTOH, Apache Usergrid w/4+ years as OSS project and being at Apache is nice too. Try both, yay choices!

.@sramji Wouldn't it be great if there was an OSS alternative to Parse? Apache Usergrid https://t.co/glKTxlDad7

.@daveaiello @iloveapis "what's too bleeding edge for the Enterprise" could have said Docker, but the Genesis Device tops that

The state of physical world APIs is incredibly disappointing. Nothing talks to each other in the obvious ways.

Very surprised there's no productized integration between @amazonecho and @Uber

So many smart home devices, so few doing APIs right

@daveaiello nice, but what if he's using a graph db?

Certification is big step forward in making Cloud Foundry a multi-vendor platform we can build on #CloudFoundry. https://t.co/CaqXqBYOFg

Rewatching last night's Dr. Who, such a great episode

@apievangelist to the copyright office!

.@Wordpress building Calypso on @nodejs is very cool, but the fact that its API-first is the really big thing https://t.co/1ttMYD6kxW

@wattersjames @Apigee @pivotalcf Great working with you and @badnima to make it happen!

Linux Foundation Sets the Stage for Easier Sharing of APIs https://t.co/xrrgHWfKCu

.@jerrychen so, public cloud turns out to be a natural monopoly?