@ab415 it was a humblebrag :)

Magic Quadrant for API Management out, thanks @TheMarkONeill and Paolo Malinverno! #API #APIManagement @apigee https://t.co/w8RnIKzd6Q

@cmcluck sorry to see you go, great working with you to bring Apigee to Google! Congrats on your next step!

From @daveaiello RinkAtlas: Useful Info About North American Hockey Arenas, via @Kickstarter https://t.co/TLczEAWh0n

That LG display is the star of the show #appleevent

Just show the damn Macs already!

@jeffreyawest did they erase your iPhone knowledge when you got to Redmond? https://t.co/oNlncHtycl

Just received my @Razer Blade laptop. It's what Apple would make if they built for gaming.

I'm speaking @Apigee Adapt or Die Conf on 10/11 in NYC. Register at https://t.co/93qCv1U4Nd with code eanuff99

@sramji @monkchips @duncanjw we definitely need a do-over on that dinner, sorry about that 😏

“When Life Is A Product Hunt” by @guydeboredom aka Carl Steadman https://t.co/UYKORQ2XFx