@DellCares Thank you, I did receive my monitors this week and they're working fine

@whitlockjc if it turns out worse than that trip, I think you'll find out about it from CNN

Getting ready to board my flight, what could go wrong? #stormageddon

@daveaiello did you find that out the hard way?

Damn, outbid on a Sinclair ZX80 on eBay

@DellCares Twitter doesn't let me DM, says you're not following

Losing hope @Dell is ever going to ship me my monitor order, expected it to arrive tomorrow, now saying 2 more weeks

No water except the rain, water main is apparently broken at Federal & Rincon in SF @SFWater

At what point did the Thunderbolt Display become the new Aeron Chair?

Cool @PunchThrough LightBlue Bean just arrived, going to use with @zettajs http://t.co/Y5zHNjJx4H