Like microservices? You're going to love SOA! #gluecon #trolling #or_am_i

Excited to see @whitlockjc presenting Apigee API Studio and @SwaggerApi @nodejs open source at #gluecon

@olensmar @SwaggerApi @lindybrandon @webron @fehguy @earth2marsh @tedepstein Thanks Ole, great to see the community coming together!

@badnima meant to chase you down!

@davidgoldberg @landlessness yup, as long as it's different than SOA with a cool new name

What some people are calling "microservices" is just plain old-fashioned SOA

.@dhinchcliffe @Apigee thanks! Greatly enjoyed the conversation as well.

@daveaiello @Apigee We missed you there, but thanks!

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