@apievangelist to the copyright office!

.@Wordpress building Calypso on @nodejs is very cool, but the fact that its API-first is the really big thing https://t.co/1ttMYD6kxW

@wattersjames @Apigee @pivotalcf Great working with you and @badnima to make it happen!

Linux Foundation Sets the Stage for Easier Sharing of APIs https://t.co/xrrgHWfKCu

.@jerrychen so, public cloud turns out to be a natural monopoly?

Super excited about the @Apigee #iloveapis conference this week.

@jackshafer I'm as surprised as you are

@jah @tedr @ryanchris @anil Friday Suck XOXO session was brilliant but if you couldn't grok Saturday panel, no chance of understanding it

@anildash @tedr yup, the panel picked up right where they'd left off, no "Previously on Suck" montage

@stratechery I think you might be giving the right answer to the wrong question.

Very high likelihood that unless you've got a new audio system, you're not getting 5.1. Playbars and the like probably won't work.

I wonder if being able to say "I told you so" brings any comfort to the Surface team.