Had a great time doing an interview on the API Economy with @TJBally at @Saptd @Apigee http://t.co/KSeWI28F7e

@Sabhub1 could you post the question on the mailing list with more details?

@Rafe you mean you think it's too cheap? overpriced cables are a long, long tradition in tech...

Trying out Dell 2414 4K monitor with Yosemite, so far works fine and it's a beautiful display. http://t.co/rMxp7SzinV

@monkchips @iotatscale oops! I'll definitely update that slide :)

#longtermthinking and #robots https://t.co/31AWJzmCW5 The Interval 'brickstarter' (@LongNowsalon)

@mginnard you mean IoT doesn't let you do that?

@carloseberhardt hopefully! right now, I can mainly use it to dramatically advance to the next Powerpoint slide

@Jldb haha, yes, but it was < 1 when this saga started

@Jldb I reset the network settings, all is good again http://t.co/0eFLXy8wVP but shouldn't need to do that

@Jldb yeah, platform lock-in FTW. although seeing the Speedtest results dropped fair bit since yesterday, so still oddness

@Jldb solved problem by exchanging router for an Airport Extreme (yay, Best Buy Geek Squad service plan).

@Jldb make sure cellular data is off and try Speedtest. YMMV but mine crawls

@Jldb support forums are starting to see posts on the issue