Super excited to see @Usergrid become a full Apache project. Very proud of the work done by the team #MostScalableBaaS

@tiffchow that you should definitely keep

API Management: The Strategic Importance of BaaS #usergrid

Not sure where that final scene would have been shot from in 1986, maybe China Basin Landing, but don't think that was done until 1990.

Really enjoyed the #HaltAndCatchFire finale. Hope to see @HaltAMC renewed for another season.

The Integrator’s Dilemma - an unshakeable faith that the interface is more important than the implementation

@mamund @ebizwizard this might actually be true

Happy to be the 30,093rd backer on @BackerKit for CHIP - The World's First Nine... | Thx @nextthingco!

@kinlane @apievangelist broken link for Swagger editor, pls add link to the one at

@kinlane @ryanscherf great article and very good example of "platform risk"

All that's left now is for @WIRED to run "101 Ways To Save Twitter"

Looking forward to @neilhimself's talk at @longnow tonight

"two pizza" rule of microservices - entire set of people both building and using the microservices can be fed with two pizzas